Design 1o1, a new educational model

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What does an anthropologist from Sicily, an environmental scientist from Australia, an architect from Algeria, an image consultant from Brazil and a graphic designer from Bangkok have in common?

All of them share their passion for learning design and architecture. So much so, that since 2013, they have become hooked and increasingly involved in an incredible journey.

This journey started with a MOOC, and contrary to what one would have thought, far from being an impersonal and distant experience, inspired all these individuals to get involved in it, to go on sharing their passions, collaborating and remaining active and open, and growing their learning community.

The first MOOC called Design1o1 was launched in 2013 after a MOOC competition held by the Iversity platform. Its creators, an architect from Italy and two Canadian women-architects, together with their collaborators from IdLab and AbadirAcademy, have designed an exceptional methodology that has succeeded in prompting to action participants from remote places around the globe.

With one exercise per day for 101 days, they created an online community that has the features of a workshop, where motivation and learning are the result of sharing creative work between different individuals.

In its recent version, the MOOC now called Design1o1Redux, has commenced and includes as teachers, a community of ex-students which is tasked with delivering the biggest part of the course.

Is a new educational model being born? 

If you want to know more about the new educational model you can read this, this and this and if you want to know more about Design1o1 you can visit its official webpage.
If you want to try out this new educational experience join us and enroll in Design1o1 here. The course starts on Monday 2nd November.