Congreso Internacional/ International Congress: Gamification World Congress

International Congress: Gamification World Congress

Gamification World Congress will bring together key leaders and international gamification experts well as all those interested in optimising the production process of their companies, or improving the loyalty and engagement of its user base.
It is the perfect place to share knowledge and concerns about gamification, the new marketing strategy based on the customer's enjoyment of unique experiences offered by our products and services.
Gamification is being applied across the board in almost every field, which is why experts will talk about the following topics, among others:
  • Gamification for marketing campaigns and loyalty programs.
  • Gamification for increasing the effectiveness and outcomes of business processes.
  • Gamification for the engagement of services and online products.
  • Gamification in education, health or as a social transformation tool.
  • Gamification's main challenges within organisations.
  • Practical applications of gamification in new environments.

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