Congreso / Congress "MEDIA CITY"; Call for paper


The Media of the Metapolis
Reflecting the knowledge base of urban research

Rencontre Francois Ascher 2

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, 24.-26 May 2012 
The emergence of the new information and communication technologies has had an enormous impact on urban life. The wide spread mobile phone and internet communication are just the spear head of more exciting technological innovations which are apparently lying ahead. While we are witnessing this information revolution, a more substantial analysis of the changes implied is obviously a practical and intellectual endeavour. 

This conference will attempt in bringing together different perspectives, projects, and ideas on the recent and future development of urban development, local politics, architectural and planning practices and theoretical interpretations of the media city. The main assumption of the conference is that in the light of the work of Francois Ascher and his understanding of the predominating construction of the so-called metapolis, understood as a description of contemporary cities.